Audio Vacuum Tube List

..Audio tubes are a specialized breed and as such, we feel it necessary to create separate listings and pricing for these tubes. Within these pages you will find not only vintage but modern production tubes aimed at the audio market. All these tubes undergo more stringent testing and are hand picked for quality. Since vintage production tubes are of limited quantity, there are times when we may be out of stock for a certain type. But we are always purchasing new inventory. So, if you don't see what you are looking for today, check back or call us and we may have the tube in the near future.


2A3 2C51 5AR4 GZ30 GZ32 GZ34 GZ37 5R4 5U4 5V4 5Y3 6AV6  
6AC7 6AU6 6B4 6BL8 6BM8 6BQ5   6C4 6CA4 6CA7   6CW5  
6DJ8 6F8 6CG7 6GM5 6KG6 6L6 6SL7 6SN7 6SU7 6V4 6V6 6X4  
6X5 12AT7 12AU7 12AX7 12AY7 12AZ7 12SL7 12SN7 12X4 5654 5687 5691 12SX7
5692 5751 5814 5881 5963 5965 6087 6188 6189 6201 6208 6267  
  6350 6550   6919 6922 7025 7027 7119 7308 7316 7318  
7408 7591A 7868   8417 45 50 71 311B 350 6U8

393A 5670

5998 and 6AS7


ECC32 ECC33 ECC35 ECC81 ECC82 ECC83 EL34 6CA7 EL84 EZ80 EF86    
KT66 KT76 KT77 KT88 KT90              




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