6SL7, 6113  and ECC35 tube types.

Vintage 6SL7 tubes hand picked for audio applications. These are vintage tubes mostly from the USa with a few European types.

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Order no. Tube type and description Price each
6SL7.001 6SL7GT RCA smoked glass $60.00
6SL7.002 6SL7GT RCA clear glass short bottle $40.00
6SL7.003 6SL7GT RCA clear glass $30.00
6SL7.004 6SL7GT RCA short base $20.00
6SL7.010 6SL7GT G.E. $20.00
6SL7.014 6SL7GT National Union smoke glass $25.00
6SL7.015 6SL7GT National Union black glass $25.00
6SL7.016 6SL7GT National Union clear glass $20.00
6SL7.018 6SL7GT Raytheon $20.00
6SL7.019 6SL7GT Raytheon black/smoked glass $25.00
6SL7.021 6SL7GT Kenrad silver plate  $25.00
6SL7.022 6SL7GT Kenrad black plate $25.00
6SL7.025 6SL7GT Westinghouse $20.00
6SL7.027 6SL7GT CBS Hytron $20.00
6SL7.031 6SL7GT Sovtek $10.00
6SL7.035 6SL7GT Tung-Sol black glass $60.00
6SL7.036 6SL7GT Tung-Sol clear glass tall bottle $30.00
6SL7.037 6SL7GT Tung-Sol clear glass short bottle $25.00
6SL7.038 6SL7GT Tung-Sol  brown base clear glass $30.00
6SL7.044 6SL7GT Sylvania short bottle chrome dome $30.00
6SL7.045 6SL7GT Sylvania tall bottle chrome dome $35.00
6SL7.046 6SL7GT Sylvania black base top getter $20.00
6SL7.047 6SL7GT Sylvania black plate clear glass $20.00
6SL7.048 6SL7GT Sylvania grey plate clear glass $20.00
6SL7.049 6SL7WGT Sylvania black base $35.00
6SL7.050 6SL7WGT Sylvania brown base $40.00
6113.001 6113  National Union $45.00
6113.002 6113  CBS Hytron $45.00
ECC.001 ECC35 Mullard "B" code tubes $190.00