6550, KT88, Tubes 

The 6550 is the American version of the KT88. The plate structure is different form true

European KT88's but the tubes can be interchanged without issues. The KT90 is a close

relative to the KT88 and 6550, but is not an exact replacement. Check your amplifier's

manual to see if the KT90 is safe to use in your amplifier.

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6550 tubes

Order no. Tube type and description Price each
6550.001 6550A G.E. Metal base vintage G.E. tubes $125.00
6550.002 6550C SED Winged "C" tubes from Svetlana plant in St. Petersburg Russia $70.00
6550.003 6550C Chinese Shugung manufacture tubes $24.00
6550.004 6550 Tung-Sol $200.00
6550.005 6550 RCA $125.00
6550.006 6550WE  Sovtek $24.00
6550.007 6550  Sylvania $125.00

KT88 tubes

Order no. Tube type and description Price each
KT88.001 KT88 Valve Art Chinese manufacture $24.00