Rectifier Tubes 

Premium NOS and modern production rectifier tubes  5U4, GZ32, GZ34/5AR4, 5Y3, 6X4 and other rectifier tubes  

We test our rectifier tubes on a tube tester that tests each half individually to insure that both sides are equally strong.  

This insures that our tube rectifiers will not cause any additional hum in your audio equipment.  

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Order No. Tube description Price each
5AR4.001 5AR4/GZ34   NOS USA manufacture tubes from RCA, GE, and Sylvania $95.00
5AR4.002 5AR4/GZ34   New Metal base European $600.00
5AR4.004 5AR4  Sylvania large bottle $95.00
5AR4.005 5AR4/GZ34  Bakelite base European construction. $95.00
5AR4.005 5AR4  Modern production $25.00
GZ30.001 GZ30  Amperex tube $50.00
GZ30.002 GZ30  Mullard  tube $60.00
GZ32.001 GZ32  Mullard tube $135.00
GZ37.001 GZ37  Mullard construction $135.00
5U4.002 5U4G  Sovtek large bottle ST shape tube with thin, folded filament $10.00
5U4.003 5U4G  Vintage USA manufacture large bottle ST shape $35.00
5U4.006 5U4G  Chinese $10.00
5U4.007 5U4G  RCA $75.00
5U4.004 5U4GB  US brands $15.00
5U4.005 5U4GB  RCA $20.00
5V4.001 5V4G  Vintage USA manufacture $20.00
5V4.002 5V4GA  RCA $20.00
5V4.003 5V4GA  Sylvania $15.00
5V4.004 5V4GA  Other US brands $15.00
5Y3.001 5Y3G   USA manufacture $30.00
5Y3.002 5Y3GT   GE $20.00
5Y3.003 5Y3GT   RCA $25.00
5Y3.005 5Y3GT   Other US brands $20.00
5Y3.007 5Y3WGTA   US brands $25.00
5Y3.008 5Y3WGTB  US brands $25.00
6087.001 6087 G.E brown base $25.00
6087.002 6087 Other US brands $25.00


6X5.001 6X5GT  Mullard tubes $35.00
6V4.001 6V4/EZ80   European manufacture tubes $30.00
6V4.002 6V4/EZ80   Siemens $30.00
6V4.003 6V4/EZ80   Telefunken $75.00
6V4.004 6V4/EZ80   Mullard $30.00
6V4.005 6V4/EZ80   Tungsram, Mazda $30.00
6V4.006 6V4/EZ80   Brimar, Philips $30.00
6V4.007 6V4/EZ80   Amperex $30.00


274B.001 274B  RCA $200.00
274B.002 274B  Sylvania $200.00