12AT7 Tubes 

Premium vintage and modern production 12AT7 tubes  

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Order no. Tube type and description Price each
12AT7.001 G.E. 12AT7/ECC81   2 mica grey plate $10.00
12AT7.002 G.E. 12AT7/ECC81  Triple Mica $20.00
12AT7.003 G.E. 12AT7/ECC81  Black plate $10.00
12AT7.004 Sylvania 12AT7/ECC81  Grey plate $10.00
12AT7.005 Sylvania 12AT7/ECC81  Triple Mica $20.00
12AT7.006 Sylvania 12AT7/ECC81  Black plate $15.00
12AT7.007 Tung-Sol 12AT7/ECC81  Rectangle getter $15.00
12AT7.008 Tung-Sol 12AT7/ECC81  Round getter $10.00
12AT7.009 Tung-Sol 12AT7/ECC81   D Getter $15.00
12AT7.010 Tung-Sol 12AT7/ECC81  Triple mica $20.00
12AT7.011 European 12AT7/ECC81  Various brands manufactured by Siemens, Phillips and Mullard $20.00
12AT7.012 Telefunken 12AT7/ECC81 Telefunken $75.00
12AT7.013 Amperex 12AT7/ECC81 Amperex orange label $20.00
12AT7.014 Philips ECG 12AT7/ECC81 $15.00
12AT7.015 Ei 12AT7/ECC81  Tubes manufactured in Yugoslavia $10.00
12AT7.016 RCA 12AT7/ECC81  Black plate $20.00
12AT7.018 RCA 12AT7/ECC81  Black plate triple mica $60.00
12AT7.019 RCA 12AT7/ECC81  Grey plate $15.00
12AT7.020 Raytheon 12AT7/ECC81  black plate 2 mica $15.00
12AT7.021 Raytheon 12AT7/ECC81  grey plate D getter $15.00
12AT7.022 Raytheon 12AT7/ECC81  black plate 3 mica $20.00