EL34, 6CA7, and KT77 tubes  

The 6CA7 is the American variant of the EL34. Although the plate structure is different, these are electronically the same as the EL34. The bottle is larger on these tubes and they are generally considered to be the toughest of this type of tube. 6CA7's can be interchanged with the EL34. The KT77 is another variant of the EL34 and can be used in equipment calling for the EL34. Standard European EL34's are the tall thin bottle tubes. Russian EL34's of modern production are also of the tall thin bottle type.  

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Order no. Tube type and description Price each
6CA7.001 6CA7 Fat Bottle by US manufacturers $100.00
6CA7.004 6CA7/EL34 Vintage Japanese tubes $40.00
6CA7.005 6CA7/EL34 Mullard "B" code XF2, XF3, XF4 $150.00
6CA7.008 6CA7/EL34 Svetlana from St. Petersburg $50.00
6CA7.009 6CA7/EL34 SED (winged "C") tubes from St. Petersburg Russia $50.00
6CA7.010 6CA7/EL34 Electro Harmonics $20.00
6CA7.012 6CA7/EL34 RFT $75.00
6CA7.013 6CA7/EL34 Metal base $300.00
6CA7.015 6CA7/EL34 Mazda L code $125.00
6CA7.016 6CA7/EL34 JJ $15.00
6CA7.017 6CA7/EL34 Chinese $10.00
6CA7.018 6CA7/EL34 Sovtek $10.00
6CA7.019 6CA7/EL34 Telefunken $200.00
KT77.001 KT77.001   International Servicemaster $15.00