6DJ8, 7DJ8, 6922 Tubes

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Premium 6DJ8 tubes from US, Japanese and European manufacturers  
Item No. Tube type and description Price each
6DJ8.003 Amperex 6DJ8  Amperex Bugleboy tubes $75.00
6DJ8.004 Phillips 6DJ8  Phillips manufactured tubes with reverse triangle factory code $40.00
6DJ8.005 Siemens 6DJ8  European Siemens tubes. Some may be relabeled but are siemens manufacture $100.00
6DJ8.006 Mullard 6DJ8  Manufactured in Mullard's Blackburn plant (B code) $50.00
6DJ8.010 Sylvania 6DJ8 gold pins $35.00
6DJ8.011 JAN Sylvania 6DJ8 $35.00
6DJ8.012 Amperex 6DJ8 US made $25.00
6DJ8.013 Telefunken 6DJ8 $100.00
6DJ8.014 6DJ8 US manufacturers $20.00
6DJ8.015 6DJ8 Amperex Holland, manufactured by Philips $40.00

Premium 7DJ8 tubes

 7DJ8 tubes will work great in most amps and preamps that use the 6DJ8

Order no. Tube type and description Price each
7DJ8.001 Mullard 7DJ8  Triple mica $25.00
7DJ8.002 Phillips 7DJ8  Premium Phillips manufactured European 7DJ8 tubes $40.00
7DJ8.003 Telefunken 7DJ8  Telefunken tubes with diamond etch on bottom $80.00
7DJ8.004 Amperex 7DJ8  Amperex bugle boy $50.00
7DJ8.005 Siemens 7DJ8  Siemens $50.00
7DJ8.006 Japanese 7DJ8  Japanese $15.00
7DJ8.007 Brimar 7DJ8  Brimar $40.00
7DJ8.008 Amperex 7DJ8  Amperex $40.00


Premium 6922 tubes

Order no. Tube type and description Price each
6922.001 6922 RCA $25.00
692.002 6922 Sylvania $25.00
6922.003 6922 Amperex $50.00
6922.004 6922  GE $20.00
6922.005 6922 Raytheon grey plate $20.00
6922.006 6922 Raytheon black plate $25.00
6922.007 6922 Mullard $110.00
6922.008 6922  Misc US brands $20.00