6BQ5/EL84 Tubes

Our current inventory of 6BQ5, 7189 and EL84 tubes. Their is a lot of confusion with respect to this family of tubes and whether

or not they are interchangeable. If you go strictly by design specifications, the 7189 will replace any of them due to the fact that

it can handle the highest plate voltage of any. But, since the 6BQ5 has a design limit on it's plate voltage which is lower then the

7189, it is not advisable to replace a 7189 with a 6BQ5. EL84 tubes tend to work fine in amplifiers calling for the 7189 as

well as the 6BQ5. The toughest of this family of tubes has to be the Tungsram E84L. It can handle the highest plate voltages and

handle about 10% higher plate dissipation then the other members of this tube family.

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Order no. Tube type and description Price each
6BQ5.014 EL84 Mullard "B" code tubes from the Blackburn plant $85.00
6BQ5.015 EL84 Phillips build tubes $60.00
6BQ5.016 EL84 Amperex "O" getter tubes $70.00
6BQ5.017 E84L Tungsram 70's vintage tubes from Hungary $40.00
6BQ5.018 EL84 Modern production Ei tubes $30.00
6BQ5.019 EL84 Used modern production Ei tubes $5.00
6BQ5.020 EL84 Modern production Sovtek tubes (may be labeled Fender, GT, etc.) $11.00
6BQ5.023 6BQ5 RCA black plate $40.00
6BQ5.024 6BQ5 Sylvania European style black plate $40.00
6BQ5.025 6BQ5 US manufacturers $30.00
6BQ5.028 EL84 Telefunken $110.00
6BQ5.030 EL84 Siemens $60.00
7189.001 7189 G.E. $60.00
7189.002 7189 RCA $60.00
7189.003 7189 Sylvania $60.00
7189.004 7189 Amperex $60.00
7189.005 7189 Other brands $50.00
8BQ5.001 8BQ5 This is a great way to get superb 6BQ5 performance at a bargain price.  They work well as subs for 6BQ5's and sound fantastic $20.00